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Pamela Love
My mother - Pamela Love, trained at Guy's between 1942 and 1946 and I am trying to find a list of women friends who trained with her. In particular I am trying to identify a colleague whose first name was 'Morie' and later became my godmother.(I was born in July 1952) Other friends of my mother were Cherry Hindmarsh and Barbara Brown

Posted by Peter Batchelar on 30 August 2023
September 1974 set reunion?
I am trying to contact anyone who started training September 1974.
50years later I hope a class reunion is possible
Lorraine ibison nee carlin.
During my first year at guys over in the nurses home on the mezzanine floor.🙂
Look forward to catching up
Posted by Lorraine on 25 August 2023
Feb 1984 reunion
Anyone from Feb 84 set or 1984 pupil sets. We are planning our 49”0 year reunion near Guy’s next February. Please email me if you’re interested and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group
Posted by Toni Russo on 10 April 2023
Jan 1973 reunion
50 years since beginning training - time for a reunion. A small group of us are meeting near Guy's in June 2023. Change of date due to train strike.
Please email me if you have not heard directly already as we would love you to join us.
John Cummins
Posted by John on 06 March 2023
June 1963 Set Reunion 60 years
I have written to set members using old home addresses, as a group of us who met together in the autumn, thought it would be good to celebrate 60 years since we started. Please contact me, not Yvonne, as previously posted, who sadly died suddenly last year, if you are interested in meeting. My email is setitchener@gmail.com
Posted by Shelagh Titchener on 19 January 2023
Jan 1973 reunion
Posted on 04 January 2023
Class of '84 Enrolled nurse
Posted on 06 August 2022
Sept 72 reunion
Posted on 21 March 2022
Worked as midwife 1978 in guys hospital
Posted on 05 February 2022
August 82 set reunion
Posted on 05 February 2022
Guys in the 1870s
Posted on 04 June 2021
September 1973
Posted on 15 April 2021
Posted on 02 April 2021
Guy’s 1982 set reunion
Posted on 12 March 2021
Statue of Thomas Guy
Posted on 23 January 2021
September 71 set
Posted on 22 January 2021
Sept 1972 Set
Posted on 23 August 2020
Posted on 09 March 2020
10 years on reunion July 2020
Posted on 22 January 2020
May 70 set
Posted on 23 December 2019
October 1975 post reg SRN course
Posted on 17 September 2019
October 1959 reunion
Posted on 08 May 2019
Post Grad Reunion
Posted on 19 March 2019
Oct 79 set reunion
Posted on 18 January 2019
Scottish Group
Posted on 03 November 2018
SEN Aug 1981 set
Posted on 26 October 2018
Diana Cretney
Posted on 10 October 2018
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