Kneelers, Chapel

ALPHA AND OMEGA: The symbols in white circle. Swaddled child. Salomon's Centre
GHC 1780 on Face 2., in gold, on a white shield. Main picture is of a central candle, with a golden cross either side.
ST CATHERINE’S WHEEL: around a red cross.
CELESTIAL CROSS: With sun and moon and planets and stars.
THE GHNL Kneeler: With the Guy’s badge, and the date July 10 2010
SLIM LINE GOLD CROSS: Pattern all around Faces 2,3,4 and 5
HOLY GHOST: A sainted Jonathan Livingstone Seagull / The Holy Spirit?
CROWN OF THORNS: INRI inside a crown of thorns.
CRUSE: An oil lamp on a book.
DOVES: Two doves, and greenery over an amphora of oil?
FLORAL CROSS: Broad yellow cross, ribbon ended, with flowers.
FLORENCE TAYLOR 1892 – 1971: Sister Tutor 1930 - 1952 / FAITH / INTEGRITY / WISDOM
GLOWING CROSS: A golden Cross in the sky, and two gnarled old trees, the Star, and shepherds with their flocks by night.
PINK RIBBON: Pink squiggles and cream? flowers.
BADGE: Guy’s Crest
DOVE: White, spread-winged bird with crown, on a shield. Red, yellow and white stars around.
IHS: (Abbrev of Greek name for Jesus) Written in green, on a red cross,with a gold crown
LOAVES & FISHES: Loaves and fishes, and the waves of the sea.
MATRONS OF GUY’S (Kneeler 1): The Matrons of Guy's Margaret Hogg 1917 / Jean Addison 1953 / Dorothy Smith1946 / Emily McManus1927.
(The Matrons of Guy's, Kneeler 2: Victoria Jones 1882 / Mary Loag 1852 / Margaret Burt 1879 / Mrs Adams 1839, Kneeler 3: Florence Nott Bower 1893 / Esther Young 1899 / Sarah Swift 1900 / Louise Houghton 1909. Not pictured)
NEW ENGLISH BIBLE: Broad two-tone gold cross, with red centre. Surrounded by bunches of grapes, which are also around the sides
GOLD SHIELD: Blue/white star and pale and darker green cross and pink and purple shield. 3 crosses. (Matching Style)Black and white star. Gold and bronze cross with gold shield. 3 black crosses.
TUDOR ROSE: Large Red Rose (of Lancaster?) with white rose on Face 2.
WEDDING KNEELER: A very long communion rail kneeler, with varied flowers.
WINDOWS: Yellow cross in church window, repeated x 4. (2 rightway up, and two reversed.)
PUB SIGN: Green circle, with a slim gold rim. Inside, an anchor, and a gold/brown bird
A SAILBOAT on rough seas
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