Kneelers, New Guy's House Surgical Wards

NEW GUY’S HOUSE: The block was opened by Queen Elizabeth II, and the kneeler is in Gold capital letters, on the regulation blue background.
CASUALTY Department: Two 18th century figures carrying a patient on a stretcher. This image comes from the Guy's Memorial in the Chapel. At the back is a white LCC Ambulance, headlights shining in the dark.
Casualty 2
X RAY DEPARTMENT: This is a modernistic design in red, with a large X in the centre, and RAY superimposed.
THEATRES: Octagonal view of the operating theatre from above. Details of surgical instruments around the sides
Theatres 2
CORNELIUS Ward: Surgical intensive care. Two kneelers here, uniquely. One, of the profile a Roman centurian, and a stave with SPQR on it; the other, modern lettering in white COR...big red heart...NELIUS
Cornelius 2
MARTHA Ward: this domestic scene shows a kitchen table and cleaning things, a broom, and a bucket, scrubbing brush and a jug. Pots and pans and cooking implements, and an iron are on one side, while a cylinder vacuum cleaner is on the other. At each end we see a clock face; one is 7am, the other is 10pm
Martha 2
Martha 3
Martha 4
Martha 5
LYDIA Ward: A shaded pink cross, with the name Lydia and three shells on Face 1. More shells around the sides
JOB Ward: Just JOB filling the Face, and "I know / that my / Redeemer / liveth"" around the sides. Border of 60 small crosses.
DORCAS Ward: A slim line cross quarters the Face, with Dorcas in one space, needle and spool of thread in another. Below, a pair of scissors, and a pink dress.
LUKE Ward: A red, winged bull.
QUEEN Ward: Portrait of the young Queen in profile, with green garlands in her hair. The emblems of the UK are in the four corners, the rose, the thistle, the shamrock and the daffodil. QUEEN / EIIR / LION RAMPANT / EIIR.
CHRISTOPHER Ward: The saint is shown staff in hand, knee-deep in water and bull rushes, his red cloak lined in yellow billowing out around him, and carrying the Christ child on his shoulder. There are various fishes around the edges of the kneeler.
Christopher 2
Christopher 3
PATIENCE Ward: This has the name on Face one, along with many flowers and butterflies.
SAMARITAN Ward: It is a starry night. A donkey stands by, while his master in a red cloak attends to a figure on the ground. There is something yellow in his hand; is he staunching a flow of blood from the wounded man with a cloth, or is he leaning over to give the fallen man a drink?
Samaritan 2
ESTHER Ward: A large five-pointed star in white, with Esther written in red over. Four gold crowns, one in each corner, and a variety of flowers.
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