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W.Sussex /Surrey Group
There are about 10 of us in this group and we have an annual lunch at a local garden centre. On June 19 2018 7 of us met and decided to continue. Ivy Bull kindly offered to take over the organisation but is not on E-mail so if anyone new wants to join us or would like information I will pass on messages.Some of us also belong to the VETs and I am encouraging others to join.One of our older members is now in a care home and being visited by another of our group. They only met at our first lunch and discovered that they lived very near each other.The older lady much enjoys the visits from her fellow "Guy"
Posted by Joan Elizabeth PYE on 02 July 2018
Tracing Great Aunt Miss Chittock
This is a shot in the dark! I had a great aunt called Mabel Chittock who trained at Guys 1900-1903. She was an Assistant Matron there before WW1. She nursed in the Great War in France & was awarded the Military Medal for Bravery and the Royal Red Cross. According to family history her medals were left to Guys Hospital. (I have her miniature medals) I have never been able to find out where they went to after Guys joined with St Thomas' & the London Archive were unable to tell me either! I have done alot of research on Mabel & would dearly love to find her medals. Being a nurse myself I have always been interested in her life. She died before I was born. I would be thrilled to be given any clues. Thank you.
Posted by Caroline Corbould on 12 June 2018
Sept 70 Set 50 year reunion
I am hoping to arrange a 50 year reunion celebration in August 2020. Planning ahead I know, but if you are interested do let me know so I can start compiling a list.
Here's hoping .......
Rosemary de Wilde (nee Lomas)
Posted by Rosemary de Wilde on 03 March 2018
Great idea Ro, will try and find old info from previous reunion.
Posted by Sue Macpherson on 06 March 2018
Emily McManus Matron of Guy's Hospital in WW2
I was working at Terrybaun Pottery in Co. Mayo from 1974-1978.
Emily was a neighbor in the Village. I loved spending the occasional evening at her house sipping Sherry in front of her fireplace. She told me she lost the love of her life in WW 1 where she was a nurse in the trenches. Then she became matron of Guys hospital in London in WW2.

A student of hers was Haile Selassie’s daughter. she eventually had to return to Ethopia and marry someone in an arranged marriage. She died in childbirth.

"Old Tom" lived in her house and took care of things. He always sat in the kitchen in front of the stove.
He told me he wished there was a tape recorder to record the stories. I was 24 and didn’t understand how important that was! If I went to town with them I was made to sit in the middle of the
back seat so as not to unbalance the car!

I didn’t realize until later that I was with living history!

Kathy Kershner

Posted by Kathy Kershner on 02 February 2018
Dear Kathy
What a great story - Emily 'Mac'is a legend at Guys. She wrote a book about her life in 1956 called 'Matron of Guy's' which is still available on Amazon. I understand that when she retired she spent her time visiting local people who were ill. I understand that although 'Matron' was a strict austere terrifying figure in those days she was known for her humanity and kindness. Do you know she worked in France during WW1? I didn't know she lost the love of her life - what a different life she might have led if he had survived
Posted by Andie Howard on 02 February 2018
September 1971 set
I have just found this webpage, and scrolled down to see if there was anyone from the set with which I trained.
I could not see any names from Sept '71, but may have missed some.
If anyone reading came from 'my' set, please add a message!
Very best wishes,
Posted by Mary Wilson (nee Kent) on 19 November 2017
October 1976 set
Posted on 11 October 2017
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