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Class of '84 Enrolled nurse
I trained from 1982 to 1984 and worked on Rothschild ward after I qualified.
I loved my time at Guy's hospital. Working on Rothschild ward was a wonderful experience and a start to a long career as a paediatric nurse.
I would love to hear from other nurses 😊
Posted by Janis Shoesmith nee Rich on 06 August 2022
Sept 72 reunion
For Lynne Jenkins. I`m not sure that my mail reached to you. Just to confirm that Jan Millett nee Dowrick and I would love to come in September.
Look forward to seeing you!
Posted by Angela Meyke nee Musgrave on 21 March 2022
Hi Jan
No your e-mail didn`t arrive try again,great to know you are joining us. Have had e-mail from Angela.
Posted by Lynne Jenkins on 22 March 2022
Worked as midwife 1978 in guys hospital
Ii was employed as a midwife at Guys hospital in 1978 / 1979 , just wondering if anybody woked there at that time , il love to find out , it was the best experience of my nursing career , hopefully somebody will come back to me
Regards Nora
Posted by Nora Emam on 05 February 2022
August 82 set reunion
Did you start at Guy's Hospital in August 1982? We are planning a 40 year reunion in November 2022. PLEASE message Belinda if interested.

Posted by BELINDA CRAWFORD new Connor on 05 February 2022
Unfortunately, I will miss thus as I now live in Australia and I'm not in England until December. Hope you have a great reunion 😊
Posted by Janis Shoesmith on 06 August 2022
Guy’s Hospital Nurses’ League 1900-2010 by Andie Howard
I’ve recently enjoyed reading the story of the
league and know I’ll go back to it again
and again.
This book is a treasure of information,
beautifully woven into a narrative that
understands the interest of the reader as
much as the importance of the events.
Posted by Maureen Tunney on 07 September 2021
Guys in the 1870s
Posted on 04 June 2021
September 1973
Posted on 15 April 2021
Posted on 02 April 2021
Guy’s 1982 set reunion
Posted on 12 March 2021
Statue of Thomas Guy
Posted on 23 January 2021
September 71 set
Posted on 22 January 2021
Sept 1972 Set
Posted on 23 August 2020
Posted on 09 March 2020
10 years on reunion July 2020
Posted on 22 January 2020
May 70 set
Posted on 23 December 2019
October 1975 post reg SRN course
Posted on 17 September 2019
October 1959 reunion
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Post Grad Reunion
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Oct 79 set reunion
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Scottish Group
Posted on 03 November 2018
SEN Aug 1981 set
Posted on 26 October 2018
Diana Cretney
Posted on 10 October 2018
Diana Cretney
Posted on 10 October 2018
Mabel Chittock
Posted on 01 October 2018
Mabel Chittock
Posted on 01 October 2018
W.Sussex /Surrey Group
Posted on 02 July 2018
Sept 70 Set 50 year reunion
Posted on 03 March 2018
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