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October 1959 reunion
Is anybody celebrating the sixty years since our set started at Guys ?
Posted by Barbara Ackroyd ( White) on 08 May 2019
Jane Grant
Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone may have any information about this lady, who I believe trained as a state registered nurse at Guys in the 1950s. She wrote 3 books under the name Jane Grant, although this is probably a nom de plume, about her experiences as a nurse in training, then as a staff nurse and as a junior sister before she married. I have original paperback copies of the books which were originally entitled "Come hither nurse" "Come again nurse and "Sisters under their skins" and they give a fascinating and very down to earth account of nursing in the 50s and early 60s, with a lot of humour too. They are now available on Kindle books but have been retitled.
I would be very interested to hear from anyone who may have any more information about her or who even may remember her. I'm almost certain that she was a Guy's nurse from her description of the uniform and the hospital itself.
I first read the books many years ago, when I was in my early teens, before I did my own SRN training in Bath and have always enjoyed reading them. So much more realistic than most hospital stories and much more entertaining!
Many thanks,
Jan Bevan.
Posted by Jan Bevan on 30 April 2019
Dear Jan

I found this information about Jane Grant on Amazon
'Jane Grant was a pen name of the author (Evelyn) Barbara Blackburn Leader. She was born in Herefordshire in 1898. During the First World War she worked as a secretary for the Air Ministry.

Barbara wrote 35 novels between 1926 and 1971. Her other pen names were Barbara Blackburn and Frances Castle (a joint pseudonym with Peggy Mundy-Castle). She died in 1981.

Barbara wrote four “nurse” books as Jane Grant – Come Hither, Nurse; Come Again, Nurse; Sisters Under the Skin and Round-the-Clock Nurse, which have now been reissued as ebooks by Wyndham Books as A Nurse’s Life, More from a Nurse’s Life, A Sister’s Life and A Country Life'
So in the 1950s she would have been in her 50s so not a young nurse in training. Hope this is helpful. Andie
Posted by Andie Howard on 01 May 2019
Thank you so much for this Andie😊I've looked for information about her on the internet before with no success, so this is very interesting. I'm just in the middle of reading A country Life which I never realised existed, until I saw her other books in the Kindle store recently.
The Guys connection is intriguing. She must have either worked at the hospital herself, or has a very close connection to someone who did! I find it hard to believe that she didn't have nursing experience, as she writes very knowledgeably and with great credibility about life as a nurse. I was reading a post on here from a nurse who did actually train at Guys in the 50s and she describes an incident with the medical students and the Night Superintendent who was retiring after many years at the hospital. They pushed her around the park in a wheelchair and demanded a speech😁She was apparently known around the hospital ad "Auntie " In Jane Grant's book,this incident is also described in similar detail, but she is always known to the hospital staff as "Daisy". I find it intriguing, but guess a lot of the answers to my queries will have died with her sadly.
Many thanks again for your time.
Best wishes,
Jan B.
Posted by Jan Bevan on 01 May 2019
Hi Jan

I don't where Wyndham books got their information but I guess we have to assume it is correct - you could maybe contact them and see if they know more about her. I also found the following on the web

Barbara ( Evelyn) Blackburn was born in 1898 at Henley on Thames.
Between 1926 and 1971 she wrote 31 novels and collaborated on a play called 'Poor Mans Castle' with Mundy Whitehouse which was performed on the West End stage.
She married Claude Leader and had 2 sons.
She lived at Anchor Cottage in Lachingdon when she died on 14 May 1981.'
The incident with the Night Superintendent was very common in Hospitals - I myself was pushed round Guy's in a laundry crate by a doctor who was leaving. At St Thomas' they used to plaster a nurse who was leaving to a wheelchair and leave them outside Parliament. Sadly those days are long gone - nowadays it would be instant dismissal! We had fun though
Posted by Andie Howard on 03 May 2019
Post Grad Reunion
I was one of 8 PostGrad Operating theatre nurses course 1978-sept 1979 in Guys Hosp
Would love to hear from any one of us that was in theatre at that time and May remember me
Sally Pritchard and Caroline Dean And Sue Leewere in my group
We had great fun and I enjoyed every minute of my training and made wounderful friends
Posted by Jane Mahon on 19 March 2019
Oct 79 set reunion
A few of us who are still in contact are looking to organise a reunion to celebrate 40 years since we started at Guy’s. Hope to find more to join us.
I am happy to be contacted for information.
At present we are looking at Saturday 5th October 2019 for lunch/ drinks at the George on Borough High Street and a tour of the hospital.
Hope this will find more of our set to join us.
Posted by Elizabeth Coles on 18 January 2019
Scottish Group
I was in January 1979 set and I now live in Edinburgh. I would love to be in touch with the Scottish Group.
Posted by Jane Gauld on 03 November 2018
Jane and I have been in contact and drunk coffee together with Anne Ewing. We plan to meet as a group in Edinburgh probably 26 April if anyone wishes to join us. Contact me for more details.
Posted by Margaret Hobbs on 04 April 2019
SEN Aug 1981 set
Posted on 26 October 2018
Diana Cretney
Posted on 10 October 2018
Diana Cretney
Posted on 10 October 2018
Mabel Chittock
Posted on 01 October 2018
Mabel Chittock
Posted on 01 October 2018
W.Sussex /Surrey Group
Posted on 02 July 2018
Sept 70 Set 50 year reunion
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September 1971 set
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October 1976 set
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